Maslow on Management

Author and about the author: A.H. Maslow, Ph.D.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow was believed to be one of the greatest psychologists since Freud and Jung. He believed that all people were capable of self-actualization and the environment people live and work in shapes them to evolve into who they are capable of becoming.

Short Synopsis: Psychologist Abraham Maslow died at age 62, while out for his morning run. No one expected his death of a massive heart attack. Known for his work on how humans are motivated to evolve, (self-actualization), at the time of his death, Dr. Maslow was writing about human nature and the workplace. He believed that highly evolved individuals assimilate their work into the self. He taught that proper management of the work lives of human beings, of the way in which they earn their living, can improve them and improve their world. His book on management was re-released 37 years after its original publishing date and instantly became a best-seller. Ahead of its time originally, people who believe in the potential of all human beings will resonate with his simple, wise and timeless messages.

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