Not the Last Goodbye: On Life, Death, Healing, and Cancer

by: Dr. David Servan-Schreiber

About the author:

Dr. Servan-Schreiber was a pioneer in promoting alternative healing, always encouraging patients to accept their own personal power for healing. His life was cut short by the return of a brain tumor that lay dormant for nearly twenty years after the original diagnosis.

Fully aware of the prognosis, he redoubled his commitment to an Anticancer diet, and complemented his chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and vaccine protocols with acupuncture and yoga. At the same time, he undertook a close assessment of his own life, realizing that he has neglected a key piece of Anticancer advice-to create a stress-free life; instead he had embarked on an international tour to take his message to the public. Nevertheless, he concludes that he would not have done it any differently.

About the book:

In this book, Servan-Schreiber raises many of the most complex and personal questions about how we live and how we prepare for death. Powerful, honest, and inspiring, he continually surprises with his thoughts on what’s important in life and the meaning of death.

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