One Mind

About the Book:

by: Larry Dossey, M.D.

Dr. Dossey is an internal medicine physician and former chief-of-staff of Medical City Dallas Hospital. Author of the New York Times Bestseller, Healing Words, Dr. Dossey is known for bringing scientific understanding to spirituality and proof into integrative medicine. 

Synopsis of the book:

Dr. Dossey discusses how our individual mind is part of a greater consciousness and why it matters. In Limitless Mind, Dr. Dossey shares compelling research that supports the One Mind concept involving experiences of shared thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations with a distant individual; communications between humans and pets; large groups of animals, i.e., flocks, schools, herds, behaving in highly coordinated ways and many others. Dr. Dossey’s book allows the reader to have a greater appreciation for the higher consciousness that connects all minds. 

This book is available for purchase here.