One on the Ground

Author: Karen Wielinski

About the author: When Continental Flight 3407 crashed into her home, killing her husband Doug, Karen Wielinski and her daughter narrowly escaped. Karen’s interest in writing turned into a passion to tell her story as only she could. One on the Ground is a riveting account of the night of the crash up through the lawsuit.

   About the book: One on the Ground is the story of one family‚Äôs survival after the crash of Continental 3407, Feb 12, 2009. Doug Wielinski was killed when the airplane struck their home and became the “one of the ground” as the designation goes when accounting for fatalities of a crash. Miraculously, his wife Karen and one of their 4 daughters, both home at the time, escaped the impact and subsequent fire that destroyed their family home. Starting from the moment she became aware of the crash up through the end of a painful lawsuit, Karen gives great detail of how she and her girls survived and have gone on to build new lives in honor of their husband/father, Doug. The reader will not be disappointed in the amount of detail of the innumerable losses, Karen and her girls endured. Karen tells it all. 

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