How I Died and What I Did Next

Authors: Peter Watson Jenkins and Toni Ann Winninger

About the authors:

Peter Watson Jenkins-Psychic Channeller

Toni Ann Winninger-Master Hypnotist

Jenkins and Winninger work together as a team to bring through messages of hope and inspiration from the spiritual plane. The stories in this book are of unknown people whose messages are filled with comfort about their passing from fear and suffering to a peaceful, loving reception on the other side of the earth plane. There are many stories, and I personally found comfort in the stories of a woman who died in the North Tower, September 11, 2001, and a young boy in Japan who took his life in order to escape the brutal pressure from parents who demanded that he excels in school as well as a child swept at sea during the Tsunami in Indonesia. For all of us who have lost someone in a traumatic way, these stories are consoling and offer a peaceful explanation of what some experienced at death.

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