When Someone You Love is Grieving

Author Carolyn V. Coarsey

About Author: When I was grieving the death of my fiancé in 1985 and for a few years after, I could not find anything that seemed to communicate for me what I wanted others to know about supporting me. I wrote the small book within a few hours sitting in the open plaza in Santa Fe, NM–one of the places I felt drawn to visit and grieve alone during the first year. It was the beginning of the ‘head/heart’ models that form the basis of my Human Services Response™ Training that many corporate clients are using for training their employee teams on how to assist the public during workplace tragedies.

Short Synopsis: Sitting in silence and listening to someone who is suffering is a great gift. Even if the listening is to the silence of grief, itself. Telling someone how to feel or what to do is not only futile to the grieving person, it is also often harmful. This little book expresses what many of us survivors feel–we know we will heal in time. We just need those around us to give us the space to do so, and to be willing to watch us flounder as we work our way back into the new life that deep down many of us know exists–we just need time and support to get there.

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