The Grieving Student: A Teacher’s Guide

About the Authors:

Dr. David J. Schonfeld &

Marcia Quackenbush

Dr. Schonfeld is recognized as an expert on helping teachers and school leaders on how to assist and support students on the subject of death and bereavement in children of all ages, i.e., deaths of peers, parents, and multiple ways that a school and its’ students may be impacted with loss. Marcia Quackenbush is a recognized health education specialist and family therapist. She is known for her work on children, adolescents, and families of people living with change, including terminal illness in themselves or family members.

About the book: The book addresses the crucial role that schools and teachers plan in helping children deal with death. It addresses how children of different ages understand death, how to support grieving children, working with families, special concerns for bereaved children, seriously ill students and much more. Memorialization and Commemoration is also addressed.

I believe that parents of grieving children will also find this book helpful due to rich discussion of the topic as well as the references to the scientific studies which support the recommendations made by the authors.

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