The View From 13F

About the Book:

by Shari Peterson

About the Author:

Shari was in the original research that I conducted for my doctoral dissertation. Already a veteran travel industry employee, she survived the United Airlines 811 accident in 1988. She turned her story into a life’s work and for the past several years has presented her story to audiences with a personal development theme.

Synopsis of the book:

Shari begins her story of the accident by describing the seat duplication which saved her life. When she boarded the aircraft she was surprised to see that another passenger was comfortably settled into the seat she was originally assigned. Following the flight attendant’s instruction, she sat down in the seat closest and prepared to take a sleeping pill, as was her practice on a lengthy international flight. A voice for which she never found the origin, told her to “Tighten your seatbelt! You are in for the ride of your life.”  Thankfully, the warning prevented her from taking the sedative and within a short time, Shari understood what it was about. Shortly after takeoff, as the aircraft climbed to the cruising altitude, the giant 747 experienced an explosive decompression, ejecting the man in her original seat, and 8 other passengers, still in their seats. It is a great read and includes information about the investigation as well as details of Shari’s personal life. 

This book is available for purchase here.