The Worst Is Over

About authors: Judith Acosta LCW and Judith Simon Prager, P.h.D

Both authors have much in common- Known for their work in the field of Verbal First Aid. Both are hypnotherapists, with Judith Acosta also being a psychotherapist and counselor and Judith Simon, a clinical homeopath, and consultant in the medical field.

Short Synopsis: In this book, both authors provide extensive examples of how just the right words, spoken with the right tone at just the right time in a crisis can physiologically and emotionally alter the outcome of serious situations. Words can ease the dark night of the soul, both in the present and in the future. When we use Verbal First Aid in a trauma, we are changing the way it (the trauma) is processed and mitigating its impact down the line. Reading this book can empower any helper to comfort those who are ill or injured in both professional and personal situations.

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“Just started reading “The Worst is Over” and can hardly put it down! Excellent. And so easy to adapt to everyday life. Thanks for the recommendation.”
– Sally